Leafs-Lightning series review: Games 1-4

When I began this project, I thought it might be fun to write about the series with one post per game. I didn’t envision just how big of a project that was, and how quickly my tracking sheets spiraled out of control.

So, on the eve of the series, I’ll have just two more posts: one recapping Games 1-4 of the series, another recapping Games 5-7, and another recapping the whole series.

The goal was to write more (it always is) and I’m happy with the data I was able to glean from re-watching these seven games. To me, it makes more sense to preview the series by looking at how last season’s series played out compared to how either team performed this season. The regular season didn’t really matter for either team, which makes it tough for people who deal with advance scouting, sort of the type of role I was in last year. If I was still with the Maple Leafs, I likely would be doing things the same way: essentially basing a large portion of our series statistical report off what happened a year ago.

While I’m happy I was able to find the time to track these games, I’m less thrilled with not being able to write up every game. Still, I believe that last year’s series was essentially two series: Games 1-4 played a certain way, which was determined by special teams, while Games 5, 6, and 7 were much faster and open, and all three games were determined by a goal.

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