Anaheim Ducks 2 at Vancouver Canucks 3 (OT) – 2023-03-08 recap

Hey, we’re going to get to this one quickly, with little analysis. Just the facts, since the Canucks play again in less than two hours.

For the record, I didn’t find the game boring as a whole, but the third period was pretty bad. The game was mostly the Canucks playing with possession and the Ducks collapsing and trying to focus on defending the net. They didn’t seem too interested in counter-attacking or rushing the puck, so the numbers for this game are pretty one-sided.

I had the scoring chances at 7-5 for the Canucks in the first period, which is a decent number, but 5-2 in the second for the Ducks, and then 6-0 in the third. The first was the only period where the teams may have been in danger of ever trading chances.

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