Boston Bruins 3 at Vancouver Canucks 1 – 2023-02-25 recap

This game had a goalie goal!

This game had a goalie goal, and a clear reminder that despite how good the Canucks were against the Blues, they are outmatched against the elite teams in this league, and will be for a minimum of two years.

I agree with Rick Tocchet that the Canucks did some good things and hung with the Bruins throughout, but I also got the impression Boston took a little off the gas pedal at 2-0 and coasted through this game. It’s no shock that the Canucks have a long way to go, but this went a lot better than their game in Boston, where the Bruins positively outclassed the Canucks in the first period, then ripped apart their penalty kill as the game progressed.

This one was a little different, and we got a great view of what a juggernaut in the modern NHL looks like: the Bruins have picked up elite puck-moving D, Hampus Lindholm and Dmitri Orlov, in consecutive trade deadlines. They have an MVP candidate in David Pastrnak on their second line, and a former first overall pick in Taylor Hall on their third.

The Bruins have made a lot of missteps to get here, but there aren’t any holes here. They hit you in waves, and it was a shocker that the Canucks were able to hang on despite being down to 5D for nearly the entire game here.

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