Columbus Blue Jackets 4 at Toronto Maple Leafs 3 – 2023-02-11 recap

It’s been a few days since this game actually happened, so I’ll keep the recap short.

The short version of what happened in this game is that the Leafs were sloppy. They were pretty sloppy they previous game in Columbus, but were fortunate enough to do so against a bad team that was playing sloppy as well. The Leafs had some similar problems in this game, falling prey to a pretty aggressive forecheck and not taking good enough shots off the rush.

Also, just a little bit of context on the Kent Johnson goal, which wound up being the winner and appeared to be a high stick: the situation room almost never overturns the call on the ice. The reason is that they can’t position a camera right at crossbar level (note that even the above-the-net camera is positioned slightly behind so that you can see the goal line) at a close-enough distance to get most tip-ins where this is a problem, especially not close enough to make any picture clear enough. They almost always go with the call on the ice.

“But Cam,” you might say “referees are also not exactly four feet at eye level.”

Yes, you’d be correct. I didn’t say the logic was consistent. This is the NHL.

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