Canucks 2023-02-06 data

Some bonus subscriber content… totals for scoring chances entries, entry defence, and DZ touches at both the team and player level.

Okay, a programming note to start: it was originally my intention to write up all 82 games, and I’ve abandoned that goal. I got sick for a week two months ago and fell behind, and my work has been mainly spent trying to catch up and get game posts out, even if they’re a week or two late in some cases. I don’t think that’s good for anybody (it takes about 30-50 minutes to write a game post). Let’s just call it Dutch, and now that the All-Star break is over and I’m in a better headspace, I’ll just write about the games within a day or two after they happen, ideally before the next one.

And that’s what today’s post is. I’ve tracked every Canucks game up until now, except for the December 7 game against San Jose that is still unavailable on the legal service I pay for to watch every hockey game. Here, we’ll get you set with all the raw data so you can prepare for the second half of the season.

All values below here are per 60 minutes at 5v5 unless otherwise specified. Players are sorted via total time on ice. Data from the 2022-12-07 game at San Jose is not included.

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