Seattle Kraken 5 at Toronto Maple Leafs 1 – 2023-01-05 recap

This game was not very pretty, even through the Leafs did some good things, they got routed on the scoreboard.

It’s really hard to measure a team’s performance over a full 60 minutes when the game is pretty much over after 40.

Still, at the time Jared McCann made the game 3-1 for Seattle midway through the 2nd period, I had the scoring chances at 11-7. The Leafs were entering the zone better, generating some great looks off the rush, and were a save at both ends away from a 2-2 game.

Hockey doesn’t work like that of course. You can play well and not get rewarded. Seldom when you’re beaten 5-1 cleanly (with no empty-net goals) you can argue you were the better team. It’s just rationalizing. Suck it up, take the good things, and move to the next game.

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