Vancouver Canucks 2 at Calgary Flames 3 – 2022-12-31 recap

This was the last game of 2022, and frankly, the Canucks were lucky they didn’t lose worse than they did.

I got to watch the Flames closely three times this month: once against the Leafs and twice against the Canucks, and I’m no closer to figuring out what is going on with this team. They really should be much better than they are, but they have a real problem with shot quality if they aren’t rushing the puck into the zone. They are awful at turning cycle shots into scoring chances, so they play extended sequences in the offensive zone with very little to show for it.

They have the players to succeed in these types of situations. They have size on every line, players that can both force a turnover with a collision and crash the net, yet it almost never happens.

Between the blue lines, the Flames were a better team than the Canucks on New Year’s Eve. Since I’m still about a week behind, I’ll cut the preamble short (again) and get right into the numbers, and any pertinent analysis if something strikes my interest.

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