Toronto Maple Leafs 5 at St. Louis Blues 4 (OT) – 2022-12-27 recap

This was a fantastic hockey game. I also learned that my anger at the pick call in Game 7 last season was misplaced. The call wasn’t made by Wes McCaulay, it was made by Eric Furlatt. I apologize for any grief I may have caused the McCaulay family.

As for this hockey game, well, it was pretty good. The teams traded chances for most of the game, and also well-defended, as each team had 8 additional scoring chances opportunities miss or broken up. The Blues haven’t been winning games this season, but this is still a formidable offence and I think they’re due to break out in a big way. Their D were moving the puck very well, they understand how to create goals in the offensive zone, and they have players in the top six that can forecheck as part of their game.

The Leafs, who certainly looked well-rested, almost as if they didn’t travel the day of the game, handled it well. They had a few sequences where they were stuck in their own end, but they generally moved the puck well and were a more dangerous team off the rush. They also forechecked a lot better than the Blues, recovering 69% of their shoot-ins, compared to just 48% for the Blues, but the Blues did keep the game even by the fact they were a bit more efficient off those plays, as we’ll see a bit later.

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