Brock Boeser and his healthy scratch

Some brief thoughts on what’s happened to Brock Boeser this season, in advance of his healthy scratch Saturday night against Arizona.

For starters, I doubt that Boeser’s trade value will be much impacted at all by a healthy scratch against the Coyotes, even on a Saturday night. That’s not really how NHL scouting staffs work. For a player that’s been in the league as long as Boeser, teams already have a good number of scouting reports on the player and know what he is.

I’d think in 2022 that if a scout turned in a report that had them going from ranking a player 6 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 based on a three-point game, his opinion is probably not taken too seriously within the organization.

Now, I want to get into some of the data I’ve tracked and in doing so, walk my subscribers through the process of how I’d analyze Boeser if I was a member of the Canucks research team in a similar capacity to how I worked with the Leafs for eight years.

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