Vancouver Canucks 4 at San Jose Sharks 3 (OT) – 2022-11-26 recap

The Canucks failed to drop any points on the road trip, though the Sportsnet Now stream dropped a lot when I was trying to pick my way through this game.

Again, I’m several days behind, so no lengthy preamble here. I’m just going to get right into the numbers. This was a good game for Vancouver, despite allowing a late tying goal. Despite traveling, they out-chanced their opponents for a second consecutive game to sweep the road trip.

The Sharks didn’t really hold a possession advantage, as the entry count was slightly in Vancouver’s favour. The Canucks also had better entries and took better shots, even though both teams looked bad for long stretches in their own defensive zone, with a good game of whack-puck breaking out midway through.

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