Boston Bruins 1 at Toronto Maple Leafs 2 – 2022-11-05 recap

It’s easy to live with limited offensive if you get a defensive performance like that, especially against a top offence.

I have another game to track today so I’ll keep this section brief.

Last night was the first time I really missed working with the Maple Leafs. There’s nothing quite like a Saturday win over Boston, especially a close, hard-fought win. While I developed a grudging respect for the Bruins over the years (it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but as we learned Friday morning, just moments to destroy one) it was always fun to beat them.

Working with the Leafs while living in Vancouver, I lost a lot of the camaraderie and intangible benefits of working with them. It’s hard to feel part of a group when you mostly talk to people through text, but that changes when everybody in the organization has the exact same rush when Justin Holl sprawls for a shot block to seal the game you get to hear Maxine Nightingale.

Those occasional moments remind you the intangible benefits of working as a low-level grunt in an organization where you put in long hours and sleepless nights. It sometimes makes it even worth it. You briefly forget that the team probably needs a goalie sometime within the next 24 hours, and then put in more hours scrambling to help find a solution.

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